These are our primary lubricant and coating products, all developed with custom formulations to meet our customers’ needs.

Graphite/Water Forging Lubricants

We manufacture dispersions with a process that preserves the lubricating qualities of the graphite. These AMLUBE products contain the ideal blend of graphites to ensure optimum lubrication and oxidation resistance, providing increased die life, better metal movement, excellent release, improved quality of parts, and lower operating costs. AMLUBE graphite dispersions are cost-effective solutions for your metalforming lubrication problems. 

Synthetic Forging Lubricants

AMLUBE synthetic forging lubricants were developed as alternatives to those containing graphite. These products are completely water-soluble, and are not damaged by freezing. They are designed for spray or swab application on mechanical presses, hammers, and upsetters. No agitation is required after dilution. Easy water cleanup is an added plus.

Boron Nitride Coatings

For isothermal applications requiring long cycles at elevated temperatures in vacuum, we offer boron nitride coatings. These coatings can be used as a stop-off coating for welding, brazing, or laser heat treating.

AMLUBE lubricants from AML are used in the production of seamless pipe.

Molybdenum Disulfide Coatings

MOS2 is a high purity solid lubrication especially suited for severe cold forming operations or as a boundary lubricant up to 750°F. AML offers three basic powder grades and several blends to fit different applications. Our water-based dispersions of MOS2 are easy to apply and specifically suited for difficult operations such as titanium/ zirconium cold forming and wire drawing. MOS2 coating can also provide low-coefficient-of-friction lifetime lubrication for parts not accessible after assembly or in press fit operations.

Water-Based Glass Coatings

The glass frits used in our AMLUBE precoats afford protection, insulation and lubrication during the formation of titanium, stainless steels and superalloys.

Specialty Products

AML Industries can custom-blend a dispersion to meet your exact lubrication or other requirements.